Cook's Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
               "Refinishing For  Over 25 Years "
Daniel Cook 
Brookfield, Illinois    
708 387-9468


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How long have you been in business?
      A.  A family business started in 1985.

Q.  Are your prices reasonable?
A.  Very reasonable. Most of the work is labor. No need to purchase expensive cabinetry.

Q.  Do you accept credit cards?
A.  Sorry, but no. Payment accepted with a personal check or cash.

Q.  How long does it take to completely finish my cabinets?
A.  Usually in a average size kitchen with 22 doors and 8 drawers, it takes about 4-6 days depending on the procedure you select.

Q.  Do you offer free estimates?
A.  Yes. I can come out to your residence to give you a free estimate. We are located in Brookfield, Illinois which is a central suburban location of the Chicago area. I also can provide a quick quote. Just attach and e-mail me a few photo's of your cabinets to With the photo's I need a count of cabinet doors and a separate count of cabinet drawers. Inform me on which technique you are interested in. From that information I can return a accurate free estimate. If you are more interested then I can come out to your residence to leave a written proposal. Or, you can just call me @ 708 387-9468 to talk about your kitchen cabinets.

Q.  Do you do any carpentry work?
A.  Yes. We can repair cabinet doors, drawers and frames.

Q.  Do  you have samples of work?
A.  Yes. Besides an extensive brochure of photos, I have full size before and after sample doors in many different procedures.

Q.  Can you produce a custom color?
     A.  Yes. I always make a sample first of custom colors. Making a custom color on your door  before I finish the rest of the cabinets, will show you a sample finished product. I then can adjust the color or finish if needed.

Q.  What about new hardware?
A.  We do not carry hardware, but can to install it if you purchase it.  We can also move the handle location to a  different location if desired.

Q.  Do you laminate cabinets?
A.  No. Laminating cabinets is a completely different process which is not only more expensive but also has limitations in it's use.

Q.  Can finishes be applied to Formica or laminated cabinets?
A.  Yes, with the right preparation. You would not believe the possibilities.

Q.  Are the cabinet doors removed to be finished?
A.  Yes. The doors and if possible the drawer fronts and end panels are removed and worked on in my shop. The exiting frames or boxes are finished onsite. We take additional care of existing fixtures in your home.

Q.  Do you apply a finish to the interior's of the cabinets?
   A.  In over 25 years of business, I only finished the interiors of two jobs. Cleaning and installing shelf lining should make the difference.  Usually the back sides of the cabinet doors are finished.

Q.  Do I need to remove items inside of my cabinets?
       A. Yes. Usually we add a finish to the inside 3/4" frame of each cabinet.
It is best to have a clean working area which will result in the finest professional finish.

Q.  What different procedures do you offer?
A.  Click the Technique's tab at the top of the page for
complete information.

Q.  Is you work Guaranteed?
A.  Yes.  All work is guaranteed to be done in a professional matter. I want your referral. I will make sure you are completely satisfied with the finish of your cabinets.

Q.  If I have additional cabinets installed can you match up the finish?
       A. It really depends on many factors including existing finish, color and wear. I must come out to evaluate your situation. Don't order additional cabinets until a successful evaluation has been made.



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